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Quickbooks Prices

When it comes to selecting the right QuickBooks product for your business, you may be wondering about the different price points or the available payment options. 

Choosing the right QuickBooks for your business should be based on your company’s needs, so here are a few things to consider when looking at QuickBook’s different prices. 

You can even check out this side-by-side guide for more information.

Subscription Vs. License

A subscription is an annual renewal and a license is a one-time payment. 

Both Pro and Premier offer annual subscriptions and/or one-time licences, and Enterprise offers an annual subscription with either monthly or annual billing options. Quickbooks Online offers a monthly subscription (although you can contact Fishbowl at 385-265-5649 for annual billing options.)

Benefits of a Quickbooks subscription include:

  • Feature updates
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Automatic data backup

Benefits of a software license include:

  • One-time purchase
  • Cost-effective for a small, new business that can’t always afford to renew its subscription every year

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the desktop versions of Intuit’s accounting software. 

So to use it, you have to download it onto your computer. You can also sign up for cloud hosting so you can access anywhere, learn more here.

Quickbooks Enterprise is only available as a subscription and it can allow up to 40 users on one subscription, as it is meant for medium to larger businesses. QuickBooks Enterprise is also available in three different editions. There’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Enterprise is the version with the most features offered on QuickBooks desktop versions.

QuickBooks Enterprise pricing start at one user for one year at:


  • Enterprise Silver
    • Annual subscription: $1,020/yr
    • Monthly subscription: $100/month
  • Enterprise Gold
    • Annual subscription: $1,324/yr
    • Monthly subscription: $132/month
  • Enterprise Platinum
    • Annual subscription: $1,628/yr
    • Monthly subscription: $160/month

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is another desktop version of QuickBooks. This version is offered in either a subscription or license-based product. You can have up to five users and it’s meant for small-to-medium businesses to use effectively.

QuickBooks Premier pricing starts for one user at:

  • Subscription: $299.95/yr for the first year
  • License: $584.99 one time purchase and includes a 10% discount

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is the third desktop version of QuickBooks. 

It is a great option for smaller businesses that need to get started using accounting software. It offers basic features that can help you get organized, manage your inventory, and help handle your accounting books. 

You can have up to three users on one subscription or license. 

QuickBooks Pro is offered as either a subscription or a license. 

QuickBooks Pro pricing for one user starts at: 

  • Subscription: $199.95/yr for the first year
  • License: $359.99 one time purchase and includes our 10% discount

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online offers similar features to the desktop versions of the software, but without the need to physically install it onto your computer. 

This can be convenient for those looking to pay monthly and need access to QuickBooks wherever they go. All you need is access to the internet to use it.

QuickBooks Online pricing for the first year:

  • Simple Start: $12.50/mo
  • Essentials: $20/mo
  • Plus: $35/mo
  • Advanced: $75/mo

Bottom Line On Quickbooks Prices

Evaluating both the pricing and features of QuickBooks products is essential for finding the right fit for your business. Whether that’s a subscription or a one-time purchase, QuickBooks can help you get organized today. 

Learn more here about how you can get your books in order.

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