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QuickBooks Pro

Business owners know that a crucial part of business success comes in accounting and keeping track of payroll, payments, and other expenses. The good news is that there are options on the market designed to make bookkeeping easier. For those looking into software to help your business along, QuickBooks Pro could be your solution.

What is QuickBooks Pro?

QuickBooks Pro helps businesses run more smoothly and takes the stress out of bookkeeping. It is one of the types of QuickBooks by Intuit;  QuickBooks Desktop comes in two other varieties as well; plus there are multiple online options also available for businesses to purchase. QuickBooks Pro is specifically designed to track sales and expenses, get detailed reports, and help maximize tax deductions. QuickBooks Pro is the most basic plan and is perfect for those starting out and who are looking for the convenience provided by the service without needing any of the extra features offered by the other programs. If you are a business looking to ease the task of managing the financials, you will benefit from using QuickBooks Pro.

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro

By organizing your business finances all in one place, it makes it easier to track performance and to make informed business decisions. Plus, QuickBooks Pro doesn’t require accounting expertise because it’s so simple and easy to use. Switching to QuickBooks isn’t complicated because importing existing data from Microsoft Excel or another similar program is quick and painless. You can be up and running within minutes.

QuickBooks Pro also makes it easy to email reports in Excel or PDF formats. There are over 100 compatible third-party apps that can be integrated with QuickBooks to help streamline the business process. Whatever you’re using right now, it probably integrates with QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Pro is designed to help you, the business owner. The program is simple and easy to learn. In addition, there is training available to aid new users, as well as custom workflows. These can be helpful for those who want to learn more about QuickBooks Pro and to make it work for their business. You get QuickBooks legendary ease-of-use, plus the customization and knowledge to make it your business’ superpower.

QuickBooks Pro software also regularly adds new features that benefit its users. They offer two types of updates. The first type are small releases throughout the year that provide minor upgrades and security fixes. Once you purchase the software, you can automate these releases. However, new versions come out roughly once per year and must be purchased and installed individually.

QuickBooks makes security a priority. With a subscription, your information is backed up, which helps prevent losing data, and ensures that your information remains secure. You can also get this same security by paying an extra fee when buying the licensed version. The next section will go through the other differences between the purchasing subscription vs. a license. Either way, QuickBooks Pro is designed to help small and growing businesses and its main benefit is to simplify the financial tasks that come along the way.

Subscription vs. License

There are two ways to buy QuickBooks Pro: you can get a subscription, or you may purchase a license. A subscription requires an annual payment, while a license is a one-time purchase. Because of the annual payments a customer makes, the subscription has a few extra features not included in the license.

Let’s dive into which features each of these options has. Both the subscription and license have these features:

  • Up to three users on a subscription or license
  • Manage bills accounts payable to maintain cash flow and easily track action on unpaid bills
  • Create and send purchase orders to vendors
  • Organize your customer, vendor, and employee information
  • Connect your bank and credit card transactions
  • Track your inventory, cost of goods, and receive notifications when your inventory is running low
  • Create and send estimates and invoices to your customers

The subscription includes additional benefits that the license does not, including:

  • Automated data backups
  • Unlimited customer support to get the help you need
  • Continuous access to the latest features and updates
  • Receipt management

If you’re looking for a way to keep up to date with all the new features and get access to unlimited customer support, then the subscription is the better option. A license is the best option for those wanting a one-time purchase and who don’t feel they need customer support or the latest updates. When deciding whether to go with the subscription or license, it really comes down to the needs of your business.

Who Should Use QuickBooks Pro?

Nearly every business will benefit from QuickBooks Pro.  If you are a business that wants an easy-to-learn system to help organize your finances, QuickBooks will make your workload easier to manage.

When you are ready to improve and grow your business, QuickBooks can help make it possible. You can schedule an appointment with a consultant if you still have questions about how QuickBooks Pro will help your business.

Fishbowl’s QuickBooks Pro pricing can help you get started. Or click here to buy QuickBooks Pro today!

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